As things start to relax and open up, Covid-19 is still causing problems across the U.S. and right in our back yard. According to reports, an Americans Hockey player has tested positive for Covid-19, so everything is on pause right now. They were supposed to play the Spokane Chiefs a couple of times this weekend and those were called off so the team can quarantine. Wednesday's game against the Seattle Thunderbirds has also been suspended.   The word came down midday Saturday, that day's game as well as Sunday were called off.

WHL and CHL protocols call for a suspension of team activities, usually a 7-10 day shutdown. If there is evidence (depending upon timeline) the positive player had close contact with another team, they will also likely be retested as well (the other team).

This will likely not affect the rest of the U.S. Division, Everett, Seattle, Portland and Spokane.

They won't say which Americans player caught the rona, per strict WHL protocols. Several months ago, we received an email here at the station about an employee that tested positive,  Before I knew about the privacy law, I replied to the email asking who it was that tested positive in case I recently had contact with them. I was denied that info and told about the privacy law.

Because they are dealing with largely teen age players, the WHL is very careful about player security, and related information.

The WHL is expected to update the status of future Americans games soon. To see the official WHL press-information released on this story, click here. 

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