The aircraft involved was an older version of the Boeing 737, but another issue for the aircraft maker.

  Engine cover falls off in flight

A Boeing 737-800, which is an older version than the recently-troubled Max aircraft, was leaving Denver Sunday morning when a cover fell off the right side engine on the Southwest Airlines aircraft.

 Fox 18 TV displayed some images taken by a passenger from inside the aircraft, showing the cover, which protected the back part of the engine, missing.  It exposed much of the engine behind the nose piece or cowling. reports the cover struck the wing flap after it broke loose, the plane returned to Denver and landed around 8:15 AM Central Time. No one was injured.

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This is the second incident for Southwest involving one of the 737-800 aircraft, last Thursday Lubbock, Texas fire crews confirmed a flight was canceled after a fire was reported in one of the plane's engines.

Federal investigators have begun looking into the incident.

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