Saying the move will allow Boeing more oversight and quality assurance, the aerospace giant has announced they are going to re-acquire a former outsourced parts maker.

  Boeing used to own Spirit AeroSystems

According to sources, including KIRO TV, Boeing had spun off Spirit, in 2005.  The parts maker is not associated with Spirit Airlines.

However, both Boeing and Spirit have come under increased scrutiny and pressure from the Federal government over defects and issues with aircraft. Problems at Spirit over recent years caused delays in the manufacture of 737 and 787 aircraft.

The company appeared to have settled some of the issues until earlier this year, when a door cover panel blew off a 737 aircraft heading from Portland to CA. That has brought about renewed calls for greater oversight by Boeing.

According to KIRO:

 "Boeing has until the end of the week to accept or reject the offer, which includes the giant aerospace company agreeing to an independent monitor who would oversee its compliance with anti-fraud laws, according to several people who heard federal prosecutors detail a proposed offer Sunday."

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Spirit also replaced its CEO last October. Boeing says this move would allow them more control over quality assurance and other production areas.

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