The folks who own the property on the northeast corner of the roundabout at 19th and Union in Kennewick, I feel for you. You have done everything you can, including fixing your ranch style fence at least 5 times, and despite the city putting in a flashing light warning for a 15 MPH roundabout northbound on Union approaching 19th many moons ago, it just keeps happening with those inattentive drivers. Well, forget the fence, now boulders are doing the trick and it caused some pretty serious damage after a driver sped too quickly through the roundabout and rolled the car, smashing into the boulders before coming to a stop. The driver had no intention of sticking around and is now facing hit-and-run charges once located and cuffed.

Less than two weeks ago, The Boulders Struck Back off Columbia Park Trail causing car flippage. Please, lets be careful out there. From the KPD facebook page:

KPD 12-21-19
KPD 12-21-19

**Hit and Run Accident**

At about 2:00 this morning (Saturday, December 21st) officers responded to an accident at 19th and Union. The pictured vehicle hit the roundabout and rolled coming to a stop after hitting large boulders on the side of the road. The driver fled and was not located. If you have any information reference the identification of the driver please call 628-0333. KPD 19-50640

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