Various sources have told us Tuesday, another peaceful protest-rally will be taking place at Koko's Bartini on 27th Place and Union this coming Saturday.

The event will be from 4-6PM. Citizens are encouraged to bring their own signs, be creative but 'clean.' Some suggestions from organizers include:

  • End the Tyrrany
  • Tri-Cities Free Zone
  • We are a Sanctuary City
  • Defund Inslee
  • Inslee is NON-essential

The support continues for Koko's as well as other restaurants such as Sterling's and Kimos. All have challenged the Inslee lockdown, Sterling's was threatened with insinuations of $10K fines from Labor and Industries, one for each of their 3 locations according to the owner-family members who operate them.

All have gone to modified in-tent outdoor dining, or car hop service, as well as to go and take out. Koko's on Tuesday, was slated to have their 'old' outdoor tent removed by a group of supporters and have it replaced by a newer sturdier model.

All 3 continue to fight behind the scenes for in person dining, we have learned from credible sources.

Several restaurants on the West Side have now joined in the protest, including this one from Lewis County, where Spiffy's Restaurant and Bakery near the interchange between Highway 12 and Interstate 5 is now posting they are open for indoor seating. Rep Jim Walsh (R-Aberdeen) reported that on his Facebook page.

So far, no social media event page, but the Koko's event will be this coming Saturday, December 5th 4-6 PM. in the Cynergy Center at 27th and Union Kennewick.

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