People are still being vaccinated for COVID-19, whether it's through their physician, a pharmacy, or the Benton County Fairgrounds Vaccination site.

We do not have access to vaccination rates from pharmacies or private doctors; HIPPA laws and privacy are important.

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But the one measurable trend we have in vaccination rates is the Fairgrounds public site. According to another of the weekday reports issued by the Southeast Washington Interagency Incident Management Team (that's the 'official' name for the site and it's operators, it's been another slow beginning.

According to the report issued by the team for Tuesday:

"... A slow start to the week and hundreds of available vaccine appointments went unfilled. There are still several thousand vaccines available for the rest of the week..."

Those who are in high-risk categories with compromised immune systems, or pre-existing health conditions; as well as the elderly continue to get vaccines.

However, especially with everyone 16-years-old or older now being eligible (regardless of health conditions), state officials expected a 'rush' of patients. Watching several of Inslee's press conferences since that April 16 announcement, one could clearly see he and the WSDOH expected numbers to jump significantly.

As for our region, at the Fairgrounds, we have not seen that.

What are we learning from this? Like we reported April 20th on our website, those who desire to be vaccinated are doing so, those who do not wish to, are not. Getting the vaccine is a personal choice, to be made by an individual.

It does appear, however, the significant 'push' by the WSDOH and state to get everyone vaccinated is not having the effect they desired, or expected.

For more information on vaccine information at the Benton Fairgrounds site, click on the button below.

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