Russell Wilson got the prestigious honor of giving the commencement speech at Wisconsin this week.

But not everyone thought it was charming. One of his ex-teammates claims it was "80% made up."

Wilson's coach at NC State Tom O'Brien didn't like how he split time between baseball and football, saying he wouldn't see the football field his senior year.

South Carolina v North Carolina State
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Former teammate Kalani Heppe elaborated saying that, "getting rid of Russell Wilson was the one admirable thing [O'Brien] did during his tenure at NC State. 80% of the s--- that Russell said in his speech didn't even happen, it was really hard for Russell to field punts and play safety when his head was firmly lodged up all the offensive coaches a-- on a daily basis. Russell was a great player, but he was a 'me' player, unable to put the team before himself and his 'illustrious' baseball career at State. F--- Russell, us real State people still have Philip Rivers to claim."

Heppe isn't the only one to claim Wilson was stretching the truth.

Who knew Russell Wilson was a farmer - raising all that beef.

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