According to the folks who scour money, facts and figures for a living, money is now the #1 source of stress in marriages and relationships.

We've known for decades that money problems are one of the biggest stresses on a marriage or relationship.  But a new study from the American Institute of CPA's (AICPA) done by noted polltaker Harris Interactive shows money is now the Number One source of friction and stress for couples.

 27% of the couples surveyed said money was the source of arguments or spats in their relationship.  This is now the number one source; ahead of children, work, friends or chores.   Experts also say the economic issues over the last 3-5 years has moved money well ahead of the other catagories when it comes to marital friction.   The study shows many of the arguments stem from couples having to make increasingly more decisions over what is needed by the family vs. what they want to do with their money.   The less stress couples feel over money, jobs, income and budgets, the more disposible income they have as well as financial security.

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