Kamiakin High School is one of the first schools to modify it's finals schedule, in an effort to reclaim some of the 8 days lost due to snow.

School officials notified parents the usual early release days normally reserved for Finals Week will be full days Wednesday January 25, Thursday January 26 and Friday January 27th.   Regular full day schedules will be used.

Middle School students will have a full day Friday January 27 to reclaim a day, but their early release on Wednesday will still continue for now.

Other schools are expected to announce similar tweaks to their schedules, in an effort to get back as much time as possible before the end of the year.

Gov. Inslee's disaster proclamation for hard-hit snow counties, including Benton and Franklin, will allow schools to petition to waive the make up for some of the lost days due to closure. No official word has been issued yet if any of the area districts have or are going to utilize that petition.

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