According to authorities, there have now been multiple sightings of two brothers who are believed responsible for the likely murder of an Arlington, WA couple.

46-year-old Monique Patenaude and 45-hyear-old Patrick Shunn were reported missing April 12th. They'd had some ongoing disputes with 53-year-old John Blaine Reed over property issues along their wooded ranch. Blaine and his 49-year-old brother Tony Reed are believed to have murdered the couple, because authorities say significant forensic evidence found at the scene confirms it. The couple's two vehicles were found wrecked at the bottom of a 100 foot ravine a few miles from their home.

The two brothers were seen on video surveillance preparing to dispose of the vehicles after the couple went missing. The two men have been spotted several times in Mexico, as recently as April 21st.

Authorities also got a warrant to search an i-Phone used to make two calls to a friend of the brothers who lives in Phoenix. A stolen car traced to the two men was found abandoned near the city, and now multiple sightings of the men are coming from Mexico. Which area or city in that country was not specified. According to CBS News, a woman Tony Reed had been living with in Ellensburg reported shortly after the men vanished that her i-Phone was missing, and this is the phone believed to still be in use by the brothers, as recently as April 28th.

Authorities say the friend in Phoenix, who has not been charged, reportedly gave the two $500 cash and use of his Acura car.

The story has generated national headlines.

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