We hear so much about drugs and similar items being smuggled into the US from Mexico, but this story will raise eyebrows.

  Man arrested near Brownsville for smuggling monkeys

 US Customs and Border Patrol says March 4th, a man driving a truck and attempting to cross over into the US near Brownsville, Texas, was stopped at the border checkpoint.

CBP Agents frequently pull certain vehicles aside for what they call further inspection. In this case, the search of the man's vehicle revealed two live howler monkeys inside. Howlers are known for their piercing screams, they are no considered threatening to humans. But because they usually live in the tops of trees, their contact with people is limited.

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They are usually 2 to 2 1/2 feet long and weigh around 20 lbs when fully grown.

The man was arrested on multiple charges, and the monkeys were sent to a large notable zoo in Brownsville. Besides being internationally protected from being imported as a pet, CBP says they are one of a number of animals and items not allowed into the US from Mexico because of potential viruses and pathogens they could bring with them.

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