According to the New York Post, we now have an Artificial Intelligence beauty contest. No, they're not robots, but online digital creations.  Pretty sure robots are not far off.

AI contest will shell out $20K in prizes

The Post and Yahoo News are reporting the contestants must be inspired by actual human beings, but the 'creation' must be entirely AI.

According to The Post:

"The tech-tastic extravaganza — an offshoot of the World AI Creator Awards (WAICAs), which recognizes artificial intelligence content creators across the global — will welcome digital divas who’ve been designed to dazzle the eye, mind and internet.

A panel of human judges such as beauty pageant historian Sally-Ann Fawcett, as well as AI influencers Aitana Lopez and Emily Pellegrini, are poised to sniff out the sexiest simulation."

AI-generated people are nothing new, there are numerous examples of AI 'humans' who generate thousands of dollars via their Instagram or other social media accounts, one of them makes $11K with her rather spicy posts and pictures.

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"Pixelated pinups competing for the titles must be “100% AI-generated” to be considered for the money. Masterminds behind the masterpieces must be at least age 18."

To see some of the examples of the AI-generated contestants, click here. 


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