A 38-year-old Eltopia man is the subject of a multi-agency manhunt after he allegedly assaulted two people early Wednesday morning.

Ryan Bradfield is accused of breaking into a home in the 1700 block of West Marie around 3AM, and assaulting a female and male victim. He not only stole the female victim's cellphone, but hit the male victim with the butt of a .22 caliber rifle until the weapon snapped. He then fled the scene but not before smashing numerous windows in the home and those of the female victim's car. He violated two protection orders in the incident.

He is said to be driving a maroon Silverado pickup WA Plates C34195R, but might have switched the plates to WA AYV5669.  Police found the plate on one of the victim's cars missing, and Bradfield is believed to have taken it.

He is known to possess an AR-15 rifle, it is not known if he has it now. Franklin County Sheriff's Deputies have checked his parents home in Eltopia but he was not there. Anyone who sees him or knows of his whereabouts is urged to call 911 immediately. Do NOT attempt to contact or confront him, say police.


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