It was done as a precaution, but Kamiakin High School was briefly locked down this morning after a man was seen walking along Metaline Ave. waving a gun and threatening a woman around 11AM Tuesday.

Police say after  the 911 call came in, they located the man near the north parking lot across the street from the high school. He was allegedly making threats to the woman and a small child. When officers arrived, he kept walking and refused to comply with commands, but a swarm of armed officers obviously made him change his mind.

The man had put the gun seen earlier in his pocket, when police confronted him, he placed two guns on the ground. He was taken into custody, and woman and child were not hurt. The school was briefly locked down until he was in cuffs and removed from the area.

The initial contact was just west of the intersection of North Arthur and West Metaline Ave.

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