Othello standoff (ACSO-Google street view-Canva)
Othello standoff (ACSO-Google street view-Canva)

As of around noon, Wednesday (March 23) Adams County Sheriff's Deputies along with the Moses Lake-Grant County Regional SWAT team are surrounding a home in Othello.

Suspect barricaded inside, believed to be armed

36-year-old Cristian J. Martinez is said to be inside a home in the 2200 block of Rainier Road in the Edson tracks area of Othello.

Adams County officials say he's wanted "for suspicion of Felony Harassment ( threats to kill with weapon) and felony D.O.C. Warrant."

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Othello Police are also assisting with the situation, citizens are being warned to stay clear of the area until it is safe.

No word on any progress, the last update was 12 noon Wednesday.

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