Authorities now say no one was hurt, and no officer's vehicles struck by a shots fired during a pursuit Saturday, which began near Prosser and ended by Grandview.

Deputies were investigating an incident that began with a traffic stop. The officer discovered the driver was wanted on oustanding warrants, and a possible no contact order. The officer saw a woman in the vehicle with the suspect, who sped away and fled the scene.

During the chase, which drew in more Benton County Deputies, the suspect allegedly fired several shots at the Deputies. They were believed discharged near the area of Wine County Road near the Yakima River Bridge, and also later on County Route 12 near Missismer Road.

Finally, the suspect's vehicle was disabled by the armored vehicle from the Grandview Police Department. Authorities didn't elaborate, but the armored unit disabled the car so it wouldn't operate anymore.  The Grandview vehicle is pictured below (KNDU-TV Image).


The man was taken into custody, his name was not released. Deputies say there were no injuries to him, the woman, or anyone else during the incident. The investigation continues.

This is a prime example of why growing numbers of Police and Sheriff's Departments are acquiring retired military surplus armored vehicles; or ones formerly used by SWAT Teams.

There is currently legislation being proposed by State House Democrats that would severly limit or ban the acquisition and use of such vehicles by any law enforcement agency in Washington state. The Yakima County Sheriff's Department has one, they got theirs from the Washington State Patrol SWAT team.

 These folks didn't drive very well, either, but they did have weather against them.

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