Thursday afternoon, another of the "Yakima 14" as some are calling them, was apprehended by an 'army' of officers.

Miguel Chavez-Adezqua was captured riding in a vehicle near Moses Lake. He was one of the suspects who broke open a door Monday evening at the Yakima County jail and fled. Officers knew he had ties to the Moses Lake area and focused their search there.  He was located-spotted riding in a vehicle and a team swarmed in on them, including (according to the Grant County Sheriff's office):

",,,U.S. Marshal’s Service, Grant County Sheriff’s Office, Grant County’s Interagency Narcotics Enforcement Team, Moses Lake Police, the Washington State Patrol and Adams County Sheriff’s Office."

Yakima Police and Yakima County Sheriff's also helped, providing extensive information on each of the suspects to allow this team to help locate them.

Grant County officials say the driver, identified as 25-year-old Alexis C. Brock-Sturtevant of Yakima, will be facing multiple charges in the incident, including rendering criminal assistance. It is not yet known if she was going to help him try to leave the area.

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