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Apparently, a dangerous predatory insect that's got the potential to kill massive numbers of insects in WA state and the U.S. has been renamed because the words used to describe it were racist.

  Giant Asian Murder Hornet now has a new name

According to and Jason Rantz of AM 770 KTTH, the newly discovered red and black hornet that has struck fear into entomologists is now called the Great Northern Hornet.

  Rantz says in his article:

"What’s more dangerous than a two-inch long hornet that decapitates its prey, with a stinger that feels like a hot needle jabbing at you? Language that isn’t inclusive! It’s why the Entomological Society of America changed the name of the Asian Giant Murder Hornet, claiming it stigmatizes Asian people. It’s now the Northern Giant Hornet."

According to Rantz, the name was largely changed because Washington entomologists (insect experts) feared it would trigger hate crimes against Asians.

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Apparently, the Entomological Society of America, or ESA, agreed with these experts, and now the name has been changed--despite the original home of the giant predator being southern Asia. It first appeared on our shores in 2019, and it's believed it was brought to North America by accident.

The two-inch plus long fearsome-looking insect bites the heads off its prey before destroying their nests and habitats. The Washington State Department of Agriculture began a massive campaign to do away with them.

  But apparently, the name is just as dangerous as the insect

Most of us have come to know it as the Giant Asian Murder Hornet, and no amount of PC wordsmithing will change the public's use of that name for quite some time.

To read more of Rantz's article about this latest woke silliness, click here.


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