A body found under a U.S. Highway 97 bridge not far from Toppenish is a woman, and officials say it's now a homicide investigation.

The sunnydailynews reports the Yakima County Sheriff's office says she's one of three women who were already reported missing. Her identity has not yet been determined, she's described as 5' 5", dark hair and eyes, probably between 20-30 years old.

Authorities say they recovered a bullet from the remains, but didn't say what part of the body it was found in.

She was found under a bridge on Highway 97 near the intersection with the Marion Drain. The Yakima County Sheriff's office continues the investigation.

KIMA-TV in Yakima reports she was not clothed, and said some reports indicate she was shot in the abdomen. Both sources say she'd been in the water for anywhere from 4-6 weeks.


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