Kennewick Police on Friday released information indicating that at least the two arson fires that were part of a multi-hour crime spree were set by 43-year-old Robert Kaufman. However, they stopped short of saying he was the same person who died in a fiery truck blaze on Van Giesen in West Richland after exchanging  some shots with law enforcement.

Lt. Jason Kiel released information indicating that the fire set at the IBEW 112 electrical hall around 4:47 AM at 114 North Edison Street as well as one set later at 7:12 AM at the IBEW training facility at 8340 West Gage Boulevard were set by the same individual, identified as Kaufman.

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Police also indicated the two people found dead in a home in the 4300 block of South Gum street, identified as Daniel Kaufman (75) and Vickie Kaufman (68), were found shortly after noon. The Tri City Herald reports that neighbors said Robert was their son.

Their home had also been set on fire. Also, reports indicate (scanner and informational reports) that Kaufman was believed to be the subject of a suspect manhunt in the early stages of this spree, which finally ended with a male suspect dying in a pickup truck that caught fire on Van Giesen near West Richland.

However, the ID of the suspect driver has not officially been named. Reports indicate dental records will likely need to be used to verify ID.

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