My step-son has the most massive backpack ever - stuffed to the rim with papers and books and it never occurred to me that it could be dangerous beyond a paper cut. The National Child Passenger Safety Board is warning that allowing your kids to wear their backpacks while in your vehicle could have deadly consequences.

The National Child Passenger Safety Board posted on their Facebook page the importance of having kids remove their backpacks when riding in a vehicle

Backpacks are great for our children to carry books and all sorts of small items to school. But they are not meant to be worn when riding in a vehicle, whether it is their school bus or in your personal car.

Proper seating for protection requires that our back is square against the seat back, even for school bus compartmentalization. The extra mass of the backpack pushing against our backs in a crash can cause severe back and neck injuries.

So for the safety of our children, let’s have them remove their backpacks and store them on the floor.

These are things as a parent I didn't even think about so it's a good reminder to keep the backpacks on the floor when riding in a vehicle. You can get more details on the posting here.


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