Courtesy of GOP House Republicans, here's a list of some strange, controversial, and even dangerous legislation that has officially 'died' this spring in Olympia. These are bills that viewed from the GOP standpoint, are better that they did not pass.

  List of bills that didn't make it

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Courtesy of the website, here's a look at some of the legislation that will not become law--at least not now (condensed list courtesy of John Sattgast, Broadcast Coordinator and Senior Information Officer for WA State House Republicans):

  • "House Bill 1025 would allow police officers to be sued personally while doing their jobs protecting our communities. Died.
  • House Bill 1174 would require each city, county and tribal jail to establish a “Jail Voting Plan” to provide resources to help incarcerated individuals vote. Died.
  • House Bill 1220 would require anyone who is legally eligible to register to vote in Washington state to do so and submit a ballot. Died.
  • House Bill 1333 would establish a controversial Domestic Violent Extremism Commission. Died.
  • House Bill 1388 would establish annual rent increase maximum and authorize the attorney general to enforce the bill. Rent control. Died.
  • House Bill 1513 would prohibit law enforcement from stopping drivers committing certain violations, including non-moving violations, certain suspended or revoked licenses, or certain misdemeanor warrants, and would require written consent of the driver and passengers to search a vehicle. Died.
  • House Bill 1670 would allow cities, counties, and other taxing districts to triple their annual increases in property taxes. Died."

The list may seem long, but when then you consider over 1,700 pieces of legislation were introduced between both parties this session, it's not THAT long.

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Data for this list was acquired from trusted online sources and news outlets. Read on to discover what major law was passed the year you were born and learn its name, the vote count (where relevant), and its impact and significance.


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