While the bankruptcy process continues for green poster-business Solyndra, they may be leaving behind a toxic legacy.

A CBS  station in San Francisco who earlier busted Solyndra employees tossing millions of dollars of tubes used to make solar panels, now has evidence the company is leaving behind toxic waste.   At the company's former plant in Milpitas CA,  CBS 5 television crews found a locked building, with no one around, and numerous buckets and barrels filled to various levels labled "toxic waste."      Much like the batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles,   solar panels contain cadmium, a toxic mineral, and the machines used to make the panels are also contaminated with lead.

   Enviornmental officials from the Freemont Fire department who are overseeing cleanup of Solyndra's other manufacturing facility say the tubes, machines used to make them, as well as the waste, are something that definitely must be kept out of landfills.   Cleanup at the Milpitas facility is non-existant because according to reports, Solyndra doesn't want to pay for it.  i-star, the company who owns the building Solyndra was leasing, says they are concerned about what they are calling "serious enviornmental, health, and safety issues" at the building.   Solyndra has yet to reply to the CBS report.

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