Pasco Police say the man arrested Monday morning for an alleged assault on a resident in the 800 block of West Ruby likely is suffering from mental health issues; and his behavior is likely due to those issues as opposed to criminal in his intent.

Officers responded to the scene where the homeless 42-year-old man had threatened and assaulted a resident with a baseball bat. The person was not seriously hurt, but inside the man's van in which he lives officers found knives and other potential weapons inside.

Police say the man "appeared to be delusional, allegedly saying that he was God and was there to punish the victim for crimes “in virtual reality”.

The Mobile Outreach mental health professional (MHP) on duty was brought in and is reportedly directing resources to the public, according to police.

His van has been impounded for further investigation.  The suspect is "well known" to police concerning his behavior and previous incidents, but his name has been withheld due to the sensitive nature of his mental state.

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