If you live in or around Basin City and have been burglarized, there's a chance this guy did it.

  Franklin County Deputies nail car prowler, and find a lot of other evidence.

In the early morning hours of Tuesday, September 20th, Franklin County Deputies were called to a residence near Basin City. The victim told dispatch her car had been broken into and the suspect appeared to still be close by.

Upon arrival Deputies saw a man take off running, matching the description of the suspect. He was quickly run down and captured.

   The investigation turns up a lot of other evidence

Deputies did not elaborate but said they located evidence linking the suspect to numerous other crimes.

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28-year-old Adam Morfin of Othello was booked on Burglary, Theft, Vehicle Prowl and Obstructions charges, and he has an outstanding warrant from the Washington State Department of Corrections. He's now in the Franklin County jail.


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