There were a lot of frustrated folks standing around in Sea-Tac Airport Thursday night after a Delta Airlines flight found for Beijing, China had to return. Why? Because a passenger assaulted flight attendant. Authorities also say he attempted to enter the planes cockpit.

According to KOMO-TV news in Seattle, the plane had left Seattle and was about 45 minutes into it's flight over the ocean when the man, who's name has not yet been released, attacked the flight attendant.

They were not seriously hurt, but the man's behavior was described as 'scary' by some passengers. Multiple other travelers helped subdue the man, and held him down until the plane could return to Sea-Tac. Officials say initially it does not appear the assault was any national security issue.  One other person besides the attendant sustained some injuries.

The attacker himself was hurt, but refused medical attention when he was taken off the plane by Port of Seattle Police.

He's only described as a 23-year-old man from Florida. He's expected in court Friday afternoon.

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