Officials with the Central Washington Railroad (CWRR) say the historic railroad bridge that crosses the Yakima near Gibbon Road between Benton City and Prosser is inoperable now.

Due to Labor Day's massive winds, the brush fire near Gibbon Road spread to the trestle, and the creosote in the timbers provided fuel. Several pictures were snapped showing the outline of the bridge in orange red.

According to KEPR TV, CWRR officials say several hundred feet of the bridge are 'gone,' and inspectors will be out there Tuesday and Wednesday to determine what's left of it, and how close it may be to collapsing.

The CWRR used it as a 'short line' having leased it from Burlington Northern Santa Fe for a number of years to haul grain and other Ag products.

No word on how this will affect the transport of Ag products around the valley to processing centers.

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