Apparently stacking rocks also known as "Cairn Building" is a big NO NO to the Benton County Parks Department and they're not being quiet about it...check out their recent post on social media....any HEY QUIT STACKING ROCKS AND PICK UP YOUR DOG'S POOP.....

From Benton County WA Parks Department FB Page:

We are starting to see cairn building again at BADGER and especially at CANDY MOUNTAIN. Please leave the groundskeeping to our employees and designated volunteers. The Friends of Badger Mountain do a fantastic job of building and maintaining our trails. Cairns aren't needed to show the way or serve any other purpose. Leave the rocks on the ground where they are, please. The only thing anyone needs to be picking up is their dog's poop. Thank you.

According to an article I read from KEPR TV

The Parks Peeps had to dismantle 35 Cairns on Monday alone!!!