According to the B-F Health Department, 293 new positive tests for COVID over the weekend, some reports claiming over 300.

One additional death to report, in Benton, a man in his 40's without pre existing conditions. Two in Franklin, both women over 70 with pre existing conditions. The man becomes just the 10th out of 132 deaths who was not over 60, and/or did not have previous significant health issues.

However, despite all the Monday headlines trumpeting the new positive tests, the percentages will remain about where they were.

  • 5677 positive tests out of 307,000 plus in county:  1.84 percent of population.
  • 132 deaths out of those 5677 tests, that's 2.35% death rate.
  • Number of those hospitalized in four area facilities (Trios, Kadlec, Lourdes and Prosser Memorial) 311 persons total in beds. Number with COVID or COVID 'like' symptoms? 57.  That's 18.3 percent--a drop of almost 3 percent from where it was hovering for week after week.

Like we have said many times prior, a person must consider ALL the data to fully see the big picture of what is going on.

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