It's that time of year when extended families spend more time together. Youth today love their video games. Here is our list of video games even grandparents would enjoy and that they could play with the kids!

  • 1

    Motion Games

    Wii Sports/Wii Fit/Kinect Adventures/Kinect Sports

    We’ve all seen the video of grandpa throwing the Wiimote through the Television, but at least he was having fun, right?  Motion games are fun for all ages, and are always bound to be a huge hit. Just make sure everyone’s wearing their wrist straps!

  • 2

    Party Games

    Mario Kart/SpeedRunners/Mario Party/Fusion Frenzy

    These games are always the life of the party. Intuitive games that any skill level can play.  These fast paced games are easy to pick up, but hard to put down.

  • 3

    Rhythm Games

    Lips/Rock Band/Guitar Hero/Audiosurf/Rhythm Heaven

    Strum, sing and tap away to the song and move to the groove.  Rhythm games are a hit for everyone. They’re fun, easy and hard to get tired of.  Keep up the beat!

  • 4

    Casual Fighting Games

    Smash Bros./PlayStation All-Stars/Injustice

    Fighting games have always been a game that most everyone enjoys. Even if you don’t know how to play, often you can just press every button on the controller again and again to pull out on top.  It’s time to mash buttons.

  • 5

    Older Games

    Super Mario Bros. /Duck Hunt/Sonic the Hedgehog

    Now that you’ve played around in the modern era, it’s time to go a few generations and bring out the classics.  Everyone can have fun playing these oldies, the controls are easy to learn, and there are so many secrets around every corner.  Have fun!

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