A new study suggests there could be connection between deadly events and violent games.

Recently-completed research performed at Brock University in Ontario, Canada is believed to be the first to conclude there is a clear link between violent video games and more aggressive behavior -- especially in teenagers. From the British Telegraph Newspaper website:

The research team at Brock University in Canada said their results were 'concerning' and argued that violent games could 'reinforce the notion that aggression is an effective and appropriate way to deal with conflict and anger.'

Evidence suggests that long-term players of violent games may become more likely to react aggressively to unintentional provocations such as someone accidentally bumping into them, they added.

The study was published in the Developmental Psychology journal. The research involved over 1,400 subjects. The study showed students who were regularly exposed to violent video games on a steady basis had a much steeper rise in their aggression levels.   Professor Teena Willoughby of Brock University said, "It is clear there is a long-term association between violent video games and aggression."

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