It's strange that a home that's been shot at and hit 3 times now in various drive-bys has not seen any of the occupants call 9-1-1-.

   Pasco Police continue to investigate a pair of weekend drive-by shootings that left two neighborhoods littered with shell casings.

In the first incident, around 1 AM Friday morning, a "number" of shots were fired at a home near 4th and A streets. Witnesses said they saw three people running from the scene, then leaving in the dark car pictured in this video still.


This home has been hit twice in the last couple of weeks.

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Then on Sunday morning, around 4:30 AM, a home in the 1700 block of West Hopkins was fired upon and hit, but no one inside was hurt. This same home has been the target of drive-bys three times now, but ironically nobody inside has called Police. it's been the neighbors.

Police say in the Hopkins shooting, they do not conclusively know why it's being targeted but gang-related activity has not been ruled out. It's becoming so common for this home to get hit, that when this call came in, on-duty officers began to head in that direction even before all of the information had been transmitted.

The investigations continue into both shootings. As you can see, a lot of casings for Pasco Police to deal with.


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