It appears Kennewick police have apprehended the suspects who allegedly sprayed bullets at Underhill Park, hitting a girl in the arm, and then shooting at driver in a road rage incident.

Police say Douglas Duncan and Lino Castaneda-Rodriguez, both 19, and 18-year-old Robert Garcia were arrested after a lengthy chase that lasted nearly 40 minutes around Benton County.

Police say the three are accused of being responsible for the Monday night shooting that hit a teenage girl in the arm as she was sitting with friends in a car at Underhill Park. Then Tuesday evening, a caller to 911 said around 6:30 pm the driver of a dark SUV that cut him off near 10th and Washington stuck a gun in the air and fired several shots after the driver honked at him.

Police got a plate number and located the SUV later that night near Kennewick Ave. and Tweedt Street. The suspects sped away leading police towards the Oregon border on Highway 395, then back up towards Coffin Road and eventually Finley. They were eventually cornered and arrested.

The SUV used in the shootings and the chase was reported stolen from a Kennewick Residence back on April 22nd. They are facing a plethora of charges.

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