BFT (Townsquare media)
BFT (Townsquare media)


Ben Franklin Transit is considering lowering the sales and uses tax that helps fund public transit.

  BFT Board considering putting it on the next election ballot

Benton County Commissioner and BFT Board Chair Will McKay, according to KEPR-TV, said a reduction from 6/10ths of one percent to 5/10ths would still allow for operations but reduce taxpayer dollars.

Part of the reason for the reduction is that Benton and Franklin County Commissioners recently approved a 0.01% sales and use tax to help fund a new Health Crisis Recovery Center.

The move could remove BFT from qualifying for the Move Ahead Washington Plan, passed earlier this year, that requires certain taxing structures for transportation entities.

However, according to KEPR-TV and commissioners, BFT would still be eligible for several other programs.

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If the Board members pass the resolution, it will go to the voters.


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