A $10K reward has been ponied up by the Arson Alarm Foundation and the Northwest Insurance Council in connection with what Pullman police say was a "flammable object" that somebody threw through a window of the building.

Officials say it's arson, and the September 4th early morning fire gutted the building. Planned Parenthood officials say it will take months to rebuild, at an estimated cost of at least $250,000.

Pullman police said around 3:30am, surveillance cameras captured footage of a flaming object smashing through a window into the structure, likely thrown by someone who was out of camera view.

In the meantime, police say they don't have any information that would lead them to believe there is any threat to workers at the facility. The clinic is operating from a temporary building, and is hoping to find another placed to rent while the original building is repaired.  Police didn't say if they have any leads.