It wasn't just trucks, but a tractor, stolen tools, a trailer and large amounts of copper wire.

Now Hermiston police and Umatilla County Sheriff's are searching for a 25-year-old suspect in connection with the discovery.

Authorities say two Chevy trucks, a John Deere front loader, a cargo trailer, tools and large amounts of copper wire were found at on some land on Echols Road near Hermiston. Sheriff's also say numerous other items were found, and everything had been reported stolen. The copper wire is especially valuable as it brings a high price for recycling.

However, the prime suspect, Zachary Bartz, has been nowhere to be found. Sheriff's served a search warrant on the property, but did not say how they were first tipped off to the stash. Anyone with any information is urged to call (541)-966-3651. Bartz is wanted for alleged theft in connection with the items. Officials didn't say who's land the items were being stored at, or if they were considered part of the crime.

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