A lawsuit has been filed against General Motors, believed to be the first of it's kind, as a motorcycle rider hit by a self-driving car is suing the auto maker. The man is suing GM and the robot driven car for "negligent driving."

The Washington Post reports back in December Oscar Willhem Nilsson was riding his motorcycle in San Francisco, when a GM Chevy Cruise AV (as they are called) allegedly aborted a lane change and swerved in front of him.

The car struck Nilsson, knocking him and the bike to the ground, according to court papers. The car, claims the lawsuit, was in self-driving mode at the time. There was a backup driver on board, but his hands were not on the wheel according to the suit.

The San Francisco Police report clams it was Nilsson's fault, as he changed lanes in an unsafe manner. But he is suing for $75,000.

Since 2014 in California alone, there have been 54 wrecks involving autonomous or self-driving vehicles. Critics say there will likely be more such accidents as self-driving vehicles become more common. They say it calls into question the safety and reliability of such technology.

Supporters say improving computers and technology will cut back on the number of accidents as the numbers increase.

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