He's a huge celebrity and a well-known free spirit, so Bill Murray being spotted in Yakima might not be so surprising to some folks. But he does have to eat sometime, right?

Yakima Thai Cuisine posted a picture of their owner/cChef Jarinrat (Iris) Anderson with Bill Murray. Jarinrat posted that she was able to personally cook for Bill Murray last week.

A few Facebook naysayers are calling the picture out, but who's to say Bill wasn't in Yakima?

facebook: yakima thai cuisine

Yakima Thai Cuisine is inviting folks in to hear the story. They are located at 14 E Staff Sgt. Pendleton Way in Yakima. You check out their Facebook page here.

It's not unheard of to have famous people visit Yakima. Elton John and Cher have done concerts there and actor Kyle MacLachlan was born and raised there.

As they say, a photo is worth a thousand words.


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