A new bill proposed in the Washington State House would strike down or modify part of that Electronic DUI bill that went into effect not long ago.

HB (house bill) 1616 would allow limited use of electronic devices as follows:  AN ACT Relating to authorizing drivers to use personal electronic devices while a motor vehicle is temporarily stationary; and amending RCW 46.61.672

It would clarify the use of such devices by commercial or other workers in the role of their jobs, transit workers, and others who must utilize an electronic device in a similar capacity. No, it doesn't mean we can all start swiping if it passes. But it could possibly also lead to amended laws allowing use while at stoplights or otherwise not in motion.

The new Electronic DUI law basically tabs you as guilty even just holding such device in your hand.

This new bill was introduced by GOP Legislators, and is awaiting it's turn to be heard in Committee.



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