As more documents, computer information and data is coming public following the death of Osama bin Laden-and the seizure of his compound, the US is finding shocking lists of multiple terror targets.

  Not just terror targets, but detailed information about numerous US counter-terrorism defenses, and how to get around them.  Don't just hit New York, he wrote, hit Los Angeles and smaller cities--spread the targets around to keep America off balance.  In sadistic fashion, bin Laden mused in his writings wondering how many dead Americans it would take to get the US to completely withdraw from the Middle East.   He also was aware of numerous US counter-terror measures, and how to get around them.  It was only, say some US officials, a vigilant effort of monitoring suspected terrorists that kept more plots from being carried out.  bin Laden had five computers and over 100 flash drives in his compound that were seized by the "extraction team" after the operation was concluded.  After reading through the information (what has been looked at so far) US officials believe Osama was behind many more terror attacks than first believed, around the world.  However, some terror attacks carried out from Yemen were not believed to be coordinated by bin Laden but by separate groups; bin Laden did not believe 'small scale' terror attacks were very successful in accomplishing his goals.