VP Joe Biden has provided comic relief since taking office in 2008, and again he never fails to deliver.

Biden, speaking at a fundraiser in New Jersey Monday, called the mission to get Osama bin Laden the most "audacious" plan in the last 500 years.   Joe's brain is probably that old, but he is certainly forgetting Patton's heroic attack that helped crush the Battle Of The Bulge in WWII,  McArthur's landing at Inchon in Korea, and countless others.   While the plan that 'got' bin Laden certainly was daring, and full credit to the Special Forces who carried it out,  Joe seems to forget something.

  He recently admitted to ABC news that he advised Obama against launching the attack that killed the terrorist leader.  Biden claimed there was lingering doubt about Osama actually being at his compound prior to the attack.  Obviously, Biden has a convenient memory but when it comes to political fundraiser, he gets selective amnesia.

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