A few weeks ago on the Mark Levin Show,  Mark did a hilarious feature on just how "busy" President Barack Obama is  and compared his schedule to former Commander In Chiefs -- as well as hard-working American citizens.

Keeping that thread alive,  we at Newstalk 870 are going to periodically pass along the 'strenuous' schedule of the POTUS, (President Of The United States) as he is referred to in media circles. Courtesy of Fox News Radio, here is the schedule today for Obama and VP Biden (based upon events they will be covering as part of news):

1230EDT -- POTUS & VPOTUS meet for lunch. Private Dining Room. CLOSED
1400EDT -- POTUS meets with senior advisors. Oval Office. CLOSED
1700EDT -- POTUS delivers remarks at a Cinco de Mayo Reception. Rose Garden. LIVE
...1230EDT -- Press Briefing by Press Secy Jay Carney. LIVE
...VP BIDENTBA EDT -- VPOTUS meets with senior advisors at the White House.
1900EDT -- VPOTUS attends a campaign event in Washington, DC. CLOSED

Let's see...lunch, reception, campaign events--oh, and a meeting with advisors who do all the work and leave the quick decisions to the POTUS and VPOTUS.   Don't you wish your day was that easy?  Keep watching here for more details about the hard work being done in the White House. Whew!

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