The company has pledged to donate some $4 million dollars to racial related causes, and has taken a firm stand on the death of George Floyd and related issues.

They also have temporarily, according to Fox News Business with Neal Cavuto, suspended advertising for any of their police or White House related toy sets.

Cavuto said Thursday, that an email was sent Wednesday from LEGO to it's affiliate markets, removing the products from their site, and asking that any marketing materials for these lines of toys be removed.

LEGO then issued a statement saying that it only pertained to "promotional" materials and not necessarily the materials themselves. And it is only temporary.

According to The Toy Book (online website) and other sources, The LEGO Group issued this statement on the matter, reading as follows:

“We requested that our affiliate partners refrain from posting promotional LEGO content as part of our decision to respect #BlackOutTuesday and pause posting content on our social media channels in response to the tragic events in the US. We regret any misunderstanding and will ensure that we are clearer about our intentions in the future.”

To see the Fox News Neal Cavuto Business report on this story, click on the button below.

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