According to reports, including one from Jason Rantz on AM 770 KTTH in Seattle, the Inauguration Day riots there and in Portland caught authorities off guard, including Democratic leaders.

Two Antifa members in Seattle, and 8 in Portland were arrested. In Seattle, the storefronts of the original Starbucks location (#1) and Amazon Go were destroyed; with windows broken and smashed.

In Portland, the Democratic Headquarters downtown were sprayed with graffiti and the windows blown out. These were the same protesters (group of) from Antifa that Democratic leaders offered 'support' to last year for six months.

You may becall Mayor Ted Wheeler even marching with them, and the city government slow to respond to the 100 (plus) Nights of Riots that made national news.

Rants and others point out Antifa uses social media to help spread news of their 'events,' but apparently Seattle and Portland were expecting them to be 'peaceful.'

The growing opinion in these cities is once Biden was inaugurated, the violence and issues would stop. It hasn't; proving these anarchists are not politically motivated--they simply want anarchy for anarchy's sake.

Pictured is one of their flyers that was posted, as well as shared on social media..including Faceboo and Twitter. They have yet to be deleted or censored for violating 'community standards.'

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