The remains of the US helicopter that force landed during the Osama bin Laden operation remains in Pakistan, the US wants it back, but the Chinese are now showing signs of interest.

The chopper, believed to be a highly classified, stealth version of a standard Blackhawk helicopter, had it's sensitive spy equipment and most of it's useful parts destroyed by US special forces, using thermal (high heat) grenades and explosives.  But in this high tech world, apparently some knowledge could be gleaned from the craft's body.  Pakistani officials say they are interested in studying it, and now they say Chinese officials want a look at it.  The US is asking for it back, but so far the Pakistanis say 'no.'  A significant portion of the tail section still remains.  Sources say US officials are concerned because the chopper alledgedly carries the same "coatings" as our stealth bombers and fighters.  Few pictures exist of these secret machines, but they apparently carry the same sharp angular look as a stealth fighter, and are considered a highly sensitive security issue.

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