Assault suspect Ortiz (PPD)

Pasco Police have a double situation going on, involving an alleged assault at a bar Friday, the surrender of a suspect Monday, and involvement from Liquor Control.

A 27-year-old woman, identified as Estefani Magdalena Ortiz, is in the Franklin County jail on an investigative hold after turning herself into Police Monday evening.

Officers say she is the suspect in an assault on a 30-year-old female victim at the Kahlua Bar in Pasco last Friday.  Officers were called to the establishment at 1901 North 4th late Friday, after being alerted there was an unconscious woman bleeding from near her ear.

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Upon arrival, they found no victim, nobody willing to be a witness, nobody confessing to the emergency call. But they did find people "streaming" to get out of the place, and workers and staff trying to prevent Police from entering. Hmmm. Pasco officers plan to present "evidence" they gathered on their body cam videos to the Washington State Liquor Control Board. We're not going to 'guess' but when Liquor Control gets involved it can mean a number of 'things' were going on there. Below is a body cam image of a worker trying to prevent entry by PPD Officer.

Worker trying to keep out Police (PPD)

Meanwhile, back to the assault. Turns out the woman was attacked and was able to get herself to Trios ER at Southridge. She'd been badly cut behind one ear, had clumps of hair missing and glass in her hair. She said she was knocked unconscious by the suspect, whom she knows.

Apparently, word spread that police were looking for Ortiz, and she ended up turning herself in Monday evening to Pasco Police.

Both of the investigations are continuing.


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