The second time around, he was not so lucky.  After dodging all but one charge in his previous trial, Former Illinois Governor Rob Blagojevich was found guilty on 18 of 20 charges stemming from him attempting to "sell" former Illinois Senator Obama's seat.

Blago, as he is known now, was found guilty previous on one charge of lying to investigators about his attempts to gain money and political favors by selling off Obama's senate seat to the highest "bidder."  He was found guilty today on  a variety of corruption and shakedown charges.  The bulk of the prosecution's most damaging evidence was FBI wiretaps.  Already facing up to five years in jail for his previous conviction, Blago is now facing far more additional prison time.  He argued on the stand for seven days denying the charges, and he attempted to point the finger at former Obama advisor Rahm Emmanuel, whom Blago claimed was in on the deal.  He even went as far as to claim Obama had a say in the process.