It's the 48th running of the Columbia Cup this week, and we've got the lowdown on your boats!

Numerous groups of racers will speed up and down the river this weekend.

Grand Prix West Hydros:   Just slightly shorter than their unlimited counterparts, these boats will get your attention when they fire their engines!  Powered by monsterized 468-cubic-inch big block engines, they will remind you of the roar of yesteryear as they exceed speeds of  120 mph.  And they always bring a large field of racers, and really add to the racing atmosphere.

Grand Prix boats
(Courtesy Tri City Water Follies)

Unlimited Hydroplanes:  These behemoths will power around the Columbia River course at speeds over 150 mph average, hitting 200 on the straightaways.  Nearly 30 feet long, and weighing over 7,000 pounds, they develop nearly 3,000 horsepower from their turbine engines.  At least 12 are expected this weekend.  Get ready for the rooster tails!

Vintage Hydroplanes:  Presented by Yakama Nation Legends Casino, these boats take us back to the glory days of yesteryear, as fans will watch beautifully restored hydros growl up and down the river as they did in the early days of the Atomic Cup in Tri-Cities.  Names such as Miss Bardahl,  Miss Burien, Miss Safeway, and even Oh-Boy-Oberto are among the greatest hydros in racing history.   Powered by Allison and Rolls-Royce Griffin engines, these open cockpit boats are the favorite of many fans.    Older fans who lived as far away as North Richland will tell you they knew when the boats were practicing on the water!

TICKET AND GENERAL INFORMATION.   To get all the details you need to have fun at this year's Columbia Cup, just click on the button below!  And we will see you this weekend on the river!


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