According to multiple sources, including Hydro News, the testing and preliminary hydro heats that were to take to the Columbia River Friday (July 23) have been postponed due to the massive amount of milfoil in the water.

The news came out just prior to 3 PM Friday afternoon.

 To See an Aerial (drone) Image of the Patch, Keep Reading.

According to Hydro News, a massive clump of the invasive water plants are clogging parts of lanes 1-4 on the backstretch, which would be the Pasco side of the racecourse.

According to reports, the massive 'island' of gooey plants was initially the size of a football field.

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Tri City Water Follies workers, officials, and virtually anyone with a boat has been raking, clawing and sweating to break it free and remove it, but it's just too much to get out of the way for today.

The ugly plant is said to foul intakes, and propellers and they don't want to risk a 180MPH hydro flying on the straightaway.

Earlier reports indicated it has possibly 'drifted' in overnight. It's hoped it will break free or work it's way downstream.

Reports indicate our recent very hot temperatures, plus perhaps slightly lower water levels have contributed to the 'explosion' of the plants in the river.

No word on what tomorrow, Saturday, will hold. To see the H-1 Racing image of the clump, click on the button below.

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