COVID claimed a lot of victims in 2020, the Benton Franklin Fair, HS sports, Tri City Americans, and the Columbia Cup Hydro Races.

In perhaps a followup to their February announcement that the Water Follies Committee WAS planning for 2021, they were taking the usual steps to prepare for the late July hydro races and festivities along the Columbia River.

Whether it was the RV and parking permits, volunteer organizations and more, they were gearing up. At that time the Water Follies announced it appeared a lot more hydros were planning to campaign in 2021, more details were coming in April.

Hoping we get boat races! (youtube video still, H-1 unlimited video)
Hoping we get boat races! (youtube video still, H-1 unlimited video)

Now that we're in mid April, the Committee has announced that the event cannot run as it normally would if we are under Phase 3 conditions with Gov. Inslee's edicts.

That doesn't necessarily mean the boats wouldn't race. But Phase 3 would affect a LOT of the event.

The same fate as the Water Follies happened last year to SeaFair in Seattle as well.

A check of the website shows the HAPO Over the River Air Show and Water Follies are on for 2021. Tickets can be purchased online, and there's information about the dates.

However, the Water Follies officials have told local media, including KEPR-TV, they are brainstorming to find out ways to still make it happen, even if we're still under Phase 3.

Despite upwards of 400 fans being allowed into HS and other sports venues, including the Tri City Americans games at Toyota Center (actually closer to 200 because the 400 includes players, coaches, trainers and building personnel)  there's little chance thousands of fans would be allowed to line the banks of the river.

But as they did last year with the Over The River Airshow being moved to September, if there's a will, there's a way for the Water Follies.

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